Spray Finishing

For most woodworkers, finishing a piece remains a mystery, a messy process and obtaining a professional durable finish is the most difficult part of completing a project. The finish remains the most important aspect of any project, as no matter how good your project appears, a poor finish will spoil the result.I help my students to make the process easy, clean and fast. My methods allow you to spray in your shop, obtaining a professional finish and cleaning up is faster than cleaning a paint brush.

Classroom training

  • Safety
  • Equipment needed
  • Finish types and application
  • Spray gun types and application
  • Spray gun settings, practices and how to lay down a professional finish
  • Rubbing out and buffing

Shop training

  • Set-up
  • Preparing the article for spraying
  • Loading the finish
  • Adjustment and testing of spray equipment
  • Spraying practice
  • Spraying your own project
  • Cleaning up equipment

Skill level – beginner

Course duration 1/2 day

All equipment supplied, includes a spray mask

Price $280

Please book by using my contact page