Curly Maple Chest

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Chest showing drawers, till box and inlay

This diminutive and elegant chest is inspired by the simple lines of Shaker furniture, yet designed with a contemporary feel. Blind-dovetails on the corners of the case offer strength and beauty. Traditional shelves on the interior allow for wood movement and provide a smooth, wood surface. The matched drawers are joined with ‘French’ or sliding dovetails, with wood bottoms. The lid is made from book-matched Curly Maple boards, held flat with cherry breadboards on the ends. It swings open on custom forged strap hinges  made by a blacksmith. Inside the case is a small box with a lid, called a till. When you open the chest lid, you swing up the till and prop the lid on it, letting you root through the chest with both hands free. The chest stands on dovetailed bracket feet made from cherry. The finish is a state of the art water based coating.